Details and Last Thoughts

Things I’m really glad I brought to Laos:
hand sanitizer – no soap, no problem
toilet paper – because there usually wasn’t any
Thermarest travel pillow – squishes really small, then poofs right back up
Permethrin spray – for dengue fever phobia
travel umbrella – for walking around on hot days, Asian-style
raincoat – for surprise storms and splashy boat rides
daily contact lenses – no big bottle of solution to carry around

Things I should have brought to Laos:
liquid laundry soap – doing laundry with complimentary hand soaps just doesn’t cut it

Siem Reap
Golden Banana Boutique Resort
855 12 885 366

Don Khong (one of the 4,000 Islands, Champasak Province)
Villa Muong Khong Hotel
856 31 213 051

Tat Lo (Salavan Province)
Tadlo Lodge
856 31 211 889

Pakse (Champasak Province)
Pakse Hotel
856 31 212 131

Luang Prabang
Maison Souvannaphoum
856 71 212 200

Luang Nam Tha
Boat Landing Guesthouse and Restaurant
856 86 312 398

Muang Sing (Luang Nam Tha Province)
Puiou 2 Guesthouse
856 86 212 348

Surinphone Hotel
856 81 212 789

Nong Khiaw (Luang Prabang Province)
Nong Kiau Riverside Resort
856 20 570 500

WEB SITES AND ARTICLES — best all-around info on Laos and SEA travel
New York Times Laos travel guide — limited, but with good photos
CDC Travel Info — for immunization listings and other panic-inducing information — real-time blogs of other travelers

Golden Triangle Rider (motorcyclists map) — full color and laminated

We also used Lonely Planet guidebooks and phrasebooks, which were great.

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