Hello, Goodbye

Some last views of Pakse.

the corner restaurant where we had our $3.50 dinner for two

Lao-style tuk-tuks look like short buses

hardboiled egg, anyone?

And then we were off to the Pakse airport with its bustling waiting area

to take a plane to Luang Prabang, with a stop at the Vientiane International Airport.

Vientiane is the capital of Laos, hence the big terminal

We had a two-hour layover, so we had time for lunch in the international terminal (above), which turned out to be a good move.

This dish was mostly devoured before I got a picture of it (it was larb, I think), but have you ever been served beautiful herbs and greens like this in an airport restaurant? I hadn’t. Beats a Starbucks sandwich any day.

I haven’t written much about the food so far because I don’t seem to have many pictures of what I ate. Usually I was so excited about my meal, I forgot to document it. For the record, Lao food is delicious – fresh from the fields and pesticide-free (for the most part); kind of Thai-esque, but spicier and with more emphasis on sticky rice, which is served with every meal and used as a utensil by the locals (ball it up, use as a scooper). I’m hungry just thinking about it.


Our domestic flight to Luang Prabang was departing from the national terminal next door, so we left the big building and walked to the small one. No A/C here! Not much of anything, actually, aside from a small stand selling candy, drinks and assorted toys.

Oh, and the thoughtfully provided towel in the bathroom.

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