Island Hopping

We got back on the boat and continued further south to Don Khon, one of two islands particularly popular with backpackers (those are signs for guesthouses in the picture above). There were more foreigners there than we’d seen so far in Laos, but it was still pretty quiet and very, very laid back. Not much activity. When it’s steaming hot and there’s no electricity, you just want to lay in a hammock by the river and do nothing. Or maybe that’s just me.

We passed some old French buildings (remnants of the 50+ year French occupation in the early 20th century),

more animals (always),

a statue of an emaciated Buddha (he’d been fasting) in front of a temple suspended over water,

and Li Phi waterfall (part of the Mekong),

where all the tourists from Thailand like to go.

And then I ate a roasted frog.

(Our guide had bought and offered them to us, and we didn’t want to be rude. Sorry, little frog.)

We got back in the boat again and slowly made our way back to Don Khong,

past jungle on both sides.

Later that night a huge rainy-season storm blew in, and the island lost power. It was a hot, fan-less night.

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