Last Look

With so few days in Cambodia, we didn’t see much besides the temples. The most we saw of Siem Reap, for the most part, was an area just a short walk from the hotel, which happened to be a bustling tourist spot featuring a night market, and many bars and restaurants. (The Golden Banana staff recommended a section that was actually called “Bar Street” for its maximum drinking possibilities.) There were also a lot of places to get massaged late at night (and I do actually mean massaged) for $5 or $6 an hour, although the thought of being rubbed down with oil in the heat and humidity didn’t really appeal to me at the time.

The maze-like indoor market was also open late and featured a whole lot of scarves, T-shirts and carved figurines (and what I think were enamel oil pots). Most of the stalls were selling exactly the same items, which created fierce competition, but the young salesgirls were actually less agressive than the children we’d encountered at the temples hawking trinkets, pirated guide books and bottles of water. Instead of grabbing your arm to get your attention, the market girls would try to make their goods look appealing, like the showcase models on The Price Is Right.

The food market, on the other hand, had a variety of interesting food items, like the tiny clams whose discarded shells we saw all over the roads,

and crazy meats, some of which I couldn’t identify. Look, no refrigeration in 90 degree heat! No maggots, though. How does that work?

Good thing I could have survived on rice alone.

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