Market Time

The food market we’d seen in Cambodia had been impressive, but the one Silasak took us to in Luang Nam Tha was much bigger and much more interesting (although it didn’t feature any mystery meat).

When we arrived around 8am-ish, the market was in full swing (it opened at 5), and as far as I could tell, there were no other tourists there. Lots of shoppers, though. The bulk of the sellers were housed in an enormous main building protected by a metal roof and a lot of makeshift netting, but without walls. It was dirty and crowded and fantastic.

banana flowers

mung beans and big bags of cocaine (not really)

no idea

mango and dragon fruit

buffalo tendon

rattan: eat it or build it into a patio chair

takeout counter

fish mok, the fermented Lao dish I tried to eat and failed

have a seat

junk food from Thailand and China

what we bought: tiny corn

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